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Stay current. If you are interested in upgrading the Microsoft software that runs the foundation for your business applications, Affiliated’s team of certified engineers can help. From determining the right solutions for your organization; to helping you acquire and installing the necessary equipment and software; to documenting and providing your team with the training they need; Affiliated can help get your infrastructure up to date to support your organization now and into the future.

Our certified engineering team helps customers in Columbus and central Ohio upgrade their servers, storage, switches, security and firewalls, including Microsoft server software, virtualization (VMware and Hyper-V) software, Microsoft Exchange, and SQL software to provide up-to-date systems that are secure, efficient to maintain and operate.

The Value of Affiliated Microsoft Engineering Services

Leverage Existing IT Resources

We develop a plan to leverage your existing infrastructure while keeping your systems and software up to date and operating efficiently.

Gain Operational Flexibility

Keeping your systems current allows you to take advantage of new performance, operational management, and security features available in equipment and software.  The end result is a system that provides better response and availability to your organization while being more efficient to operate and maintain.

Proven Processes

Our proven processes help you determine the best upgrade path for your organization and the most efficient, cost-effective way to implement that solution set.  Our proven experience working with growing and mid-market organizations IT infrastructure sets us apart from many of our peers.  We have the experience to get the job done right.

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